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Developing Attractive Business Signage

A few years back when I decided to start up my own business, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. I thought about what to offer and how to serve my customers, instead of how to get the word out about my company. Unfortunately, when I opened my doors, I realized that I hadn't marketed effectively, and my foot traffic was incredible low—to say the least. Fortunately, after taking a marketing class, I learned how to make my business more recognizable to the public and how to keep people talking about my business. Read here to learn simple marketing tactics that could transform your small company.

3 Items For Your Digital Marketing Checklist

Whether you're going it alone or working with a digital marketing agency, it's important to have a checklist of items that need to be done. Here are three that should be on your checklist.

Good Data Sources

You don't have to be a multinational corporation to put good data to work for you in today's digital marketing sphere. Analytics are available from social media sites, your own website's logs, and even from third-party providers.

Every digital advertising agency on earth now uses methods that tie actions together to provide good data. For example, tracking codes embedded in your social media links can be used to follow how many visitors came to your blog from your social media feed. This data can be used to track campaign effectiveness, evaluate which topics interest readers, and even provide customer perks. Make sure to collect email addresses, too.

Make sure everything is pooled together in a single analytics package. Verify that you're using best-in-class techniques, and then feed everything into your analytics. You'll be shocked by how much you can learn even from a small bit of data. Offering a coupon code to your followers can help you find out just what price point motivates conversions on your store, for example.

Mailing Lists and Marketing

You've got the data end of things down pat. That means you should now have a robust email list that allows you to send things to proven customers and solid leads. Now you can create emails that engage users with unique content. Whether you want to provide offers or hook them into the experience of being a customer of your company, the content should be tailored to their needs and interests. You can even micro-target specific groups of customers by shipping email marketing content aimed at them.

Use email to re-engage with users, too. If someone hasn't been to the website in a while, a slight nudge, such as a coupon code, might be all they need.

Review Brand Consistency

Logos, slogans, service marks, and tons of other brand-identifying items are going to be used on social media, your website, emails, printed materials, and a million other things. Make sure your brand is consistent across all forms of digital marketing. That means confirming that the colors are right and that all the fonts come through unmangled. Images should be high-quality. The tone of all writing should be consistent with your brand's image, too.

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